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Our acoustic resilient bar offers higher performance than installing plasterboard directly onto an existing wall or structure. At just 16mm deep, it's also a great space saving solution.

An easy-to-install Resilient Bar, when properly used as part of a ceiling or wall system, can measurably reduce the transmission of sound vibrations through plasterboard walls and ceilings.

The Speedline Resilient Bar is fixed at right angles to the joists at 400mm centres (1200mm wide board) or 450mm centres (900mm wide board).

Bars are joined by butting together under the timber beam. Plasterboards are fixed with long edges at right angles to Resilient Bars at 230mm centres using Drywall self-tapping screws should penetrate the Resilient Bar by a minimum of 10mm.

The Speedline Resilient Bar is designed to offer improved acoustic insulation when constructing a conventional ceiling under joists.

Mineral wool insulation can be included in the floor cavity to improve acoustic performance.

To ensure maximum sound insulation performance, screws fixing the plasterboard must not be in contact with the joists.

When installing a dual layer of boards, all joints in the second layer must be staggered in relation to those of the first layer.


  • Length: 3m
  • Weight: 1.05Kg/m