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Acoustic Screed System - Akoustix
Acoustic Screed System - Akoustix

Acoustic Screed System

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Our Acoustic Screed System provides a seamless floor finish and single manufacturer guarantee.

A complete system with a single manufacturer guarantee, Regupur combined with Regupol is designed to provide one of the smoothest floor finishes around.

With the demand for luxury vinyl tiles (LVTs) on the rise, a level subfloor to SR1 is crucial for achieving the highest quality finish and protecting the aesthetic design. The Regupur range assists with this by providing access to a choice of two self-levelling screeds, a priming product and an optional moisture vapour barrier.

Self-levelling screed options

Option 1: levelling/smoothing for 3mm - 10mm differences

Acoustic Screed 3-10mm

Option 2: 11mm - 40mm screed thickness required

Acoustic Screed 11-40mm



The options displayed above are not suitable for application to surfaces where substrate moisture is greater than 75%. However, we do have a solution, but, due to legislation relating to the sale of hazardous substances, we can only make it available to contractors and professional installers. If you are a contractor or professional installer and require this solution, please call us on 0800 917 4425. If you are not a contractor or professional installer, you'll need to find one to approach us for your project.