Acoustic Floor - Akoustix
Acoustic Floor - Akoustix
Acoustic Floor - Akoustix
Acoustic Floor - Akoustix
Acoustic Floor - Akoustix

Acoustic Floor

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A high-performing direct-to-joist board, with innovative Visco elastic dampening technology to enhance performance. Once you have your floorboards or existing timber deck removed to fit mineral wool between the joists you can then simply lay the Visco 600 straight over the joists saving time and improving acoustic performance. Can meet and exceed Part E of the building regulations.

The Karma Visco 600 acoustic floor board is perfect for conversion projects where there is a need to provide a new structural deck with acoustic properties over timber joists.

The high acoustic floor performance is created using internal strips of Visco elastic adhesive to dampen sound vibrations before they reach the building structure. A cushioning resilient layer on the underside further reduces impact sound transmission. The product can also be used as a high performance overlay board above an existing deck. All products are supplied factory bonded.

  • Top layer: 22mm T&G Chipboard
  • Damping adhesive: Visco elastic strips
  • Second layer: 9mm OSB III
  • Cushioning layer: 8mm Chipfoam
  • Thickness: 39mm
  • Dimensions: 2400 x 600mm


  • Excellent impact and airborne sound performance
  • T&G edge profile for ease of installation
  • Laid directly on to the joists
  • Can be used with most floor finishes

Typical Applications

  • Refurbishment projects where a new structural deck is required above joists and a new acoustic ceiling is to be fitted
  • Where height restrictions exist but reliable performance is still required

Spanning Capacity

Karma Visco 600 acoustic floor can span between joists at a maximum of 600mm centres. These centres must not be exceeded and the short edges of the boards should always be supported by a joist.

For installation guidelines, download our technical data sheet here.