Noisy Neighbour Product Selector

Noisy Neighbour Product Selector

Find Your Noisy Neighbour Solution in No More than Five Clicks

Deciding which soundproofing product is best for you, can be quite tricky. Various factors can influence which materials, products or systems to use. Are you looking to meet Building Regulations or are you looking to deal with the noise coming from a particularly noisy neighbour? Are you going to be attempting the work yourself or will you be securing the services of a contractor? Is it a timber floor or a concrete floor, a block wall or stud wall etc?

So, we've put together a simply guide which will take you, click-by-click, to the product you need. So, for example, if you're looking for a quick, do-it-yourself solution to a noisy neighbour living next door, then our click-by-click noisy neighbour guide will direct you to our Acoustic Putty Pads.

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Noisy Neighbours Next Door

Where is the noise coming from?

Next Door

From Below

Noisy Neighbours Next Door

You need an acoustic wall solution

Wall Soundproofing Solutions

Do you want:

A quick, easy, cost-effective solution?

A high-performing solution?

Acoustic wall solution

Is your wall:



Acoustic wall solution

Are you looking for:

A simple, single-part, straight-to-wall solution?

A tested, two-part solution?

Noisy Neighbours Above

You need an acoustic ceiling solution

Acoustic ceiling solution

Are your neighbours:


Noisy Neighbours Below

You need an acoustic flooring solution

Acoustic flooring solution

Is your floor construction:


Soundproofing Solution for a Timber Floor

Are you working with:

An existing floor?

An Overlay Soundproofing Solution for an Existing Timber Floor

Are your neighbours:


Acoustic Solutions for Concrete Floors

Are your neighbours:


VERY Noisy?


Noisy Neighbours Next Door

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