Noisy Neighbours

  • What is the Best Soundproofing Material?

    This isn't an easy question to answer because there's no single type of nuisance noise. For each variant, there's a particular solution.
  • How Much Can a Noisy Neighbour be Fined?

    If negotiations break down and you're forced to take your noisy neighbour to court, how much can you expect them to be fined?
  • What is a Noisy Neighbour?

    This sounds like a silly question. Surely, a noisy neighbour is a neighbour who makes too much noise. But how much noise is ‘too much noise’? Read our expert guide to find out more.
  • How to Deal with a Noisy Neighbour

    Here’s our sensible step-by-step process for dealing with a noisy neighbour, avoiding the many pitfalls that can often make the situation worse ra...
  • Noisy Neighbours and Your Mental Health

    You don't need to be told that your noisy neighbour is making your life difficult, but can intrusive noise affect your mental health? We investigate.
  • How to be a Quiet Neighbour

    Okay, we’ve talked about what to do if you have a noisy neighbour, but what if you are the noisy neighbour?