Akoustix University

  • An Overview of Approved Document E

    Approved Document E (Resistance to the Passage of Sound) weighs in at 86 pages, so we've created a digest version.
  • An Introduction to Psychoacoustics

    Psychoacoustics, a branch of psychophysics, is the study of how sound and noise psychologically (and, by extension, physiologically) effects people.
  • Sound Absorption and Reverberation

    While contemporary interior design favours the use of hard, reflective surfaces, the consequence is that reverberation times within buildings are on the rise.
  • Types of Sound Transmission

    There are a three ways in which sound can be transmitted from one part of a building to another: airborne, impact and flanking.And each requires a different solution.
  • How Loud is Too Loud?

    What constitutes 'too loud' will vary from person to person. However, there are levels of noise which are too loud for anyone.